No bail for Zakariyah’s ‘killers’, say family

Zakariyah Noble, 6, was shot dead while outside of his home in Hanover Park.

The family of Zakariyah Noble say they will continue to oppose bail for the three men accused of killing the 6-year-old.

The men appeared in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court on Monday October 30 for a preliminary bail hearing, according to National Prosecuting Authority spokesman Eric Ntabazalila.

He said the state had opposed bail and the case was postponed to Friday November 10 for a formal bail application.

Zakariyah was caught in crossfire in Rywood Road, on Monday October 16, at around 5.30pm, and died from a bullet to the chest (“Three men arrested for murder of boy, 6,“ Athlone News, October 26)

Police arrested three suspects on Thursday October 19.

Zakariyah’s father, Kieyamodien Noble, said that he was grappling with no longer hearing his son’s voice and being woken up by him.

“It’s like my body knows that I must wake up for him, but he is not there. I feel like I am missing out. I get up and then realise that he is not there. It is so difficult; then I just sit awake at 5 in the morning.”

He said the three accused had appeared to show no remorse during their appearance.

“I feel that they should be locked behind bars. We want them to stay behind bars so they don’t hurt anyone ever again.”

“If these guys get bail, they will continue their behaviour and torment the community even further.”

He said that police visibility had improved in the area, but shooting was on-going and the neighbourhood needed more police visibility at weekends.

Hanover Park Community Police Forum secretary Yaseen Johaar said: “Gang violence in the community is bad. Investing in the root causes of crime is what needs to happen.

“They are investing in technology like ShotSpotter, but it is not helping. What they should invest in is social ills such as teenage pregnancy, drugs, unemployment, dropout rate at schools, and see how the crime falls.”