Now is the right time

Ahmed Moosa, Crawford

Thank you for publishing my letter on the water crises together with the previous letter I wrote in April 2015 (“Water blunder”, Athlone News, January 31).

I just do not under-stand the mindset of the council members when they refuse to use the best option, which is desalination.

On page 3, it states, and I quote: “According to the presentation, the council asked the minister to delay the implementation of the desalination option, ….”

What is the matter with these members, that they keep objecting to desalination? Is there another agenda they are pursuing to stop desalination?

The exhausting of groundwater will negatively affect the whole of Cape Town in the long-term as happened in California. We have a very long sea shore around our country and desalination will help us solve our water scarcity now and for the future like in the Middle Eastern countries. Climate change is a reality, and we will experience drought on an ongoing basis. Now is the right time to go all out for desalination. Not to keep putting it off.

I am very disappointed in these council members who are supposed to do good for the residents but they seem to do the opposite. Why?