Organisations join forces to feed the needy

Grateful Giving and the Callas Foundation collaborated tofeed hundreds of people in Bridgetown.

Two non-profit organisations collaborated to make things a little easier for the hundreds of people in Bridgetown.

Grateful Giving and Callas Foundation served 1 500 meals, handed out 100 grocery parcels, as well as children’s clothes and shoes, and 200 party packs at the latter’s last food distribution for the year.

Grateful Giving was started by social media influencer Nadia Jaftha and her mother, Nawal Jaftha, seven months ago.

Greg Forbes hands over food to Cade October, 9. With them isKaren Warries.

Nawal Jaftha said experiencing the difficulty of lockdown had made her realise just how much worse it would be for the poor.

That was when she had reached out to her family and friends on social media to help with a monthly food distribution.

They had started off helping 50 people and now fed more than 1 000 each month, she said.

Every month Grateful Giving chooses an area for the food distribution. Caroline Peters, founder of Callas Foundation, said Grateful Giving had proposed a collaboration after seeing the foundation’s work, on social media.

“We have also started our feeding scheme since the start of lockdown. Many people are still unemployed and the great need remains. I hope this partnership can continue,” Ms Peters said.