Organisations partner to make a difference

Leslie van Rooyen, director of Youth for Change Global, hands out toiletry packs to girls in Manenberg.

A Manenberg organisation handed out 100 toiletry packs to underprivileged girls in the area.

Youth for Change Global partnered with Sonke Gender Justice, the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children, and Health Advocacy and Clinical Compliance SA (HCCSA) for this initiative. Another organisation, Souper Troopers, also donated 100 scarves to the younger children. The packs and scarves were distributed on Thursday August 27.

Leslie van Rooyen, director of Youth for Change Global said his organisation started a feeding project during lockdown, as the need for food security was highlighted more in this time. The feeding project is run from Mr Van Rooyen’s home in Kei Street. Since the start of the feeding project, Mr Van Rooyen said many came knocking on his door not only for food, but also to ask for sanitary pads, among other things. It is for this reason that he approached other organisations for assistance.

“We phoned around to our partners, because daily women come to us to ask for pads. We are grateful to all those who responded to our appeal, and we are hoping to have this kind of outreach once a month,” Mr Van Rooyen said.

Ruben Wynne from Sonke Gender Justice said they donated 20 toiletry packs.

“Since it’s Women’s Month, we wanted to partner with other organisations to donate toiletry packs. We realised during Covid-19, there are so many people struggling, because many lost their jobs.

“People need to eat, but they also need the basic things. Every pack contains soap, sanitiser, pads, roll-on, a mask, as well as information packs on gender-based violence and Covid-19,” Mr Wynne said.

Resident Cheryldine Adams said the pack she received was “a big help”.

“I am unemployed and have two children. Things are already tough, and the lockdown that came with Covid-19 just made things worse. I had to scratch essential items like pads off my grocery list, because I cannot afford it. We really appreciate what Mr Van Rooyen does for the community,” Ms Adams said.