Over 1000 fitrah parcels donated to the needy

Muslim Hands, a relief organisation, handed over 1000 fitrah parcels to the needy on Saturday May 8, at the field opposite the Habibia Soofie Masjid in Rylands.

Muslim Hands, a relief organisation, has given 1000 fitrah parcels to the needy to help them break their fasts and celebrate Eid.

The handover took place on Saturday May 8, at the field opposite the Habibia Soofie Masjid in Rylands. There, 1000 people queued around the field with vouchers to collect their parcels.

Imraan Roomaney, manager of Muslim Hands, said the parcel distribution had started before Ramdan already as part of their annual fitrah (a charity taken for the poor during the Muslim holy month of Ramadaan) and fidyah (religious donations made in Islam when a fast is missed or broken) distribution programme.

It was important for people to pay their fidyah and fitrah so that relief programmes could take place, he said.

The fitrah parcel included fish oil, flour, rice, pasta and non-perishable foods.

“This year has been one of our biggest distributions in a few years, and we’ve used a voucher system to make sure that each household receives a food parcel,” he said.

Muslim Hands South Africa is an international aid agency and NGO established in South Africa in 1996. Muslim Hands works in over 50 countries and has over 30 field offices. Its Cape Town office is in Rylands. The NGO’s aim is to alleviate poverty by working with the most vulnerable communities across the globe.

From left, are Muslim Hands manager Imraan Roomaney, Sheikh Faysel Lillah, Abdul Rahim Ashtiker, and Rylands ward councillor Aslam Cassiem.

Rylands ward councillor Aslam Cassiem said that the relief programme was much needed in the community and other areas, as Covid-19 had hit households quite hard with many families unable to afford a meal.

“Many people lost their jobs, and through programmes like this we can bring some relief to our community. It would be lovely for people to have something on their tables to feed their families on the day of Eid,” he said.

Jasmina Van Schalkwyk, 64, from Manenberg received a fitrah parcel.

Jasmina van Schalkwyk, 64, from Manenberg, said that the fitrah parcel would really help her household as her husband had died and she had no source of income.

“This is my second year coming for a parcel, and it will also help my son and daughter,” she said.

Kulsoem Gamildien, 77, from Hanover Park, also received a fitrah parcel.

Kulsoem Gamildien, 77, from Hanover Park, said she appreciated the food parcel.

“My son is blind and unemployed, so we really appreciate this. I feel sorry for the people who have big families who have to really stretch this parcel,” she said.

To make a donation, call Muslim Hands at 021 633 6413.