Phakiso pens story of violation of human rights

Phakiso Hlatshwayo is the author of The Victim.

Phakiso Hlatshwayo always knew he wanted to be different and to be able to give back to society.

To do this he pursued his passion for writing and published his debut book The Victim, a story that will resonate with many who have suffered any form of violence in their family lives.

Mr Hlatshwayo, 25, was born and bred in Limpopo but is currently staying with his cousin in Wynberg.

He said he was inspired to write the story because of the levels of violence against children.

“I wanted to get the message out there to put a stop to violence against children. Our youth these days have given their entire lives to drugs, prostitution and violence. Although the book is entirely fictional, it reflects what is happening around the country as a whole. It is aimed at the youth as the whole concept of the book is based on the violation of human rights.”

The story is about a 16-year-old girl who finds out later in her life why her father killed her mother and then committed suicide.

Mr Hlatshwayo is not only a writer but also an actor and investor. “I came to Cape Town to make a mark in the film and television industry, although it is hard to breakthrough, but with patience I know everything will work out sooner or later. I have a very strong passion to work in the film industry, both as a writer and as an actor. I’ve always had the urge to see my own stories and personal interpretation of experience reflected on screens.”

Mr Hlatshwayo said he was greatly inspired by his mother Dianah, a woman “who is full of life, who despite being a single mother taught us to be ambitious”.

“My mother is a retired teacher and she also taught us that we can achieve anything in life.

“I was exposed to books early in my life because my parents had books all over the house. I wrote many articles and stories over the years and also failed to have some of them published,” said Mr Hlatshwayo who has two sisters, Meso and Rethabile, who are both in Gauteng.

“I happen to be the only man in the family after my father Samuel, a former teacher, died when I was nine years old,” he said.

He said living in a society reflecting failed marriages and other forms of violence inspired him to write this book.

“However, growing up in a rural area did not stop me from reaching any of my dreams.”

He said The Victim was published in South Africa and he is still organising a launch. The book costs R200.

Contact Mr Hlatshwayo on 071 421 8369 or find him on Facebook at Phakiso Hlatswayo, and on Instagram and Twitter as Author_Phakiso.