Portavue pays tribute to ‘golden generation’


As part of its ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations, Portavue Primary School paid tribute to all the school’s grandparents on Friday February 19.

The school does not have a hall, but with a bit if creativity, they used two classrooms (which has a divider) and decked them out with the finest décor. The Grade 7 prefects made sure that all the grandparents received special attention and good service.

Four former pupils, who were among the first children enrolled at the school when it opened its doors in 1966, were among those invited. Apart from the snacks, cake and tea on offer, the grandparents all also received a gift from the school.

The grandparents were also entertained by the pupils with song and dance. Ismail Davids, 78, had everyone in stitches with his humour.

Deputy principal Shamima Lombard took the grandparents on a trip down memory lane when she shared the school’s history with them.

Speaking to the grandparents, Ms Lombard said: “It is our privilege to sit in your presence and have you take the time to share in our 50th anniversary celebrations. It is true that many of our children are in the care of their grandparents. We salute you for taking up this responsibility and pray that God blesses you for giving of yourself. We urge you to continue playing this vital role in our children’s lives – the role of promoting education and nurturing a hunger for knowledge.

“Grandparents always hold great dreams for their grandchildren and it is because you wanted the best for them, that you entrusted them into our care. We thank you. Grandparents provide what children need most, which is unconditional love, kindness, comfort and lessons in life. You give this in abundance. We applaud you for being the anchors, the rock and the caretakers of our children.”