Pre-school reaches out to residents of Pooke se Bos

More than 100 people from the Pooke se Bos informal settlement in Rylands were given donations from the staff and children at Chameleon Campus preschool.

More than 100 people who live in Pooke se Bos informal settlement in Rylands were given clothing, toiletries and soup by staff and children of Chameleon Campus pre-school, on Friday July 29.

The hand-over formed part of the Mandela Day activities of the pre-school, which has campuses in Kenwyn, Athlone and Sybrand Park.

Marcia Snyders, office manager at Chameleon Campus in Athlone, said one of the teachers at the Foundation for Community Workers (FCW) recommended the informal settlement as beneficiary of their good deeds.

“Up to a week ago, we still didn’t have a place to donate to, and one of the educators at the FCW recommended this informal settlement because not much is being done for the children here. The children expressed such gratitude here today, they were so excited to be part of this,” said Ms Synders.

Sheila Jullies, head of department for the Chameleon Campus in Sybrand Park, said parents of the children at the pre-school had donated generously toward the charity drive.

“We asked parents to donate anything extra that they have or second-hand clothing, but some of them actually went and bought new things. We chose this place because there was a need for charity right here on our doorstep.

“The community really appreciates it, and the parents are very thankful,” said Ms Jullies.

Pooke se Bos resident Dorothy Mafulo, 71, said she was happy about Chameleon’s visit to the informal settlement.

“It’s a great thing that happened here today, it was very nice. I feel very happy about it, and would like to thank Chameleon for their charity work today. Everything went off well and the children are very happy,” said Ms Mafulo.