Property crimes spike

There has been a spike in property-related crimes and vehicle theft in Lansdowne since lockdown started.

This is according to the Lansdowne Community Police Forum (CPF), whose new executive had their first remote, online meeting recently.

The CPF’s spokesman, Shabirah Abdullah, said housebreakings and vehicle thefts had risen compared to the same period last year.

“The surge in vehicle-related thefts in the area is specifically targeted toward older vehicles parked on the street, on not behind a locked gate or garage.”

Rafique Foflonker was re-elected as chairperson, Khadija Adams is the secretary, Sergeant Nkululeko Mnyaka is the assistant secretary, Fatima Daniels the treasurer, Ms Abdullah is the public relations officer, and Abdullatief Wentzel and Aman Karbary are additional members.

The new executive members were elected just before lockdown, on Tuesday March 17, and their first meeting was on Wednesday May 20.

Ms Abdullah appealed to the community to be vigilant.

“We advise all residents to take heed and protect their vehicles, and to be alert when dogs are barking in the area. Residents must also be vigilant for potential intruders. We also strongly encourage everyone to comply with level 3 lockdown regulations,” she said.