Psychic looks at what’s in store for 2021

Super psychic Belinda Silbert

South Africa will rise from the ashes because we are a nation of entrepreneurs, says medium and psychic Belinda Silbert who gave a forecast of what we can expect from the new year.

Ms Silbert of Muizenberg trained as an opera singer and a rabbi but is best known through her appearances on radio and TV.

Before contracting Covid-19 recently she did a reading on an overview of the year.

“I predicted the pandemic last year. I was aware that there would be an epidemic of some nature. My previous year’s predictions included genetically targeted warfare and I feel that this is what’s happened here,” she said.

“I do not subscribe to the New World Order conspiracy theories as spread by the so-called ‘truthers’ as they’re illogical and blatantly anti-Semitic. However, I do feel that there will be further investigations by the world’s intelligence agencies in 2021 which suggests that one nation has targeted the others through the spreading of the Covid-19 virus as a pandemic that has reached as far as Antarctica.”

As for this second-wave of Covid 19, Ms Silbert said it is not the last one.

“I foresee further rolling lockdowns. I visualise the virus as ebbing and flowing with the onset of our winter season being of special concern regarding the next upsurge.

“I also foresee that the virus will continue to mutate and that there may need to be a re-evaluation of the type of vaccine that we order in view of the novel variants that will become apparent. I predict a very uneven, long-winded and disappointing roll-out of our vaccination programme.”

Asked if the rolling lockdowns will lead to a baby boom, Ms Silbert said not necessarily, “Since the fear-factor of pandemic survival is beginning to bite and many young people will begin articulating a hesitancy to bring children into a diseased world with so much uncertainty.”

Ms Silbert said Covid-19 will be with us for the entirety of 2021.

“We’ll need to continue to modify our lives accordingly. There will be some remarkable innovations that will enable us to live our lives in a better fashion than in 2020 so the news is not entirely negative. Technology has of necessity been expedited and this could be the golden age of invention. Immersive, virtual, augmented realities will become even more sophisticated so that we can interact in cyber-forms that will feel increasingly ‘real’.”

“There will also be textile and smart materials engineered for the purpose of interacting and interfacing with our world in safe ways,” she said.

Ms Silbert said working from home will become more sophisticated with a need to navigate virtual meetings in a more slick manner.

“Cyber-security will need to be beefed-up as I foresee ransom-ware infiltrations becoming more sophisticated and wide-spread as the world adjusts to working in a decentralised home office environment. Physical offices will stand empty and commercial real estate will be very difficult to rent or sell.”

She foresees a flowering of distance learning schools and technology centres that will ensure contactless education. “This will be an excellent sector to invest in. Another growth sector will be tele-health consultations.”

The earth will have a chance to revive itself during the pandemic as people move around alot less with travel constraints.

New technology will also begin to focus on smart cities, replanting forests and artificial climate control.

Ms Silbert said earthquakes, floods, fires and drought will continue to be a feature this year.

As for the South African economy, Ms Silbert said it will be artificially propped up and there may well be an outcry when the revelation occurs of who is doing this and why. Corruption will continue to be dealt with in 2021 with more high-profile trials on the agenda.

Internationally, “Britain may find itself in an invidious position where there will be a food shortage because of Brexit. The pandemic closure of borders combined with European Union restrictions could make it difficult to get food into the country.”

And load-shedding, Ms Silbert said, will continue to be a thorn-in-the-side for South Africans but there will be alternatives to Eskom that will be introduced in 2021 although the roll-out will not be seamless. Certain areas of South Africa will express outrage at being excluded from these programmes.

“On a more fascinating note,” said Ms Silbert, “I believe there will be many more allusions to “extra-terrestrial” events in 2021 and there will be a new generation of UFO devotees. There will be credible sources speaking about contact and about sightings,” she said.

As far as “cosmic” events go, Ms Silbert said there will be more near-misses as regards asteroids and the Mars settlement programme will start looking very plausible with a doable timeline. The naysayers will begin to look foolish.

Speaking to South African entrepreneurs, Ms Silbert said you have many opportunities this year.

“I advise you to approach 2021 from the extremes rather than trying for the middle-ground: Go small and personal/concierge with your business or your services or disrupt your industry majorly. There is substantial financial gain to be accessed in this manner. This is the ’magic formula’ for success this year and our great nation will rise from the ashes because we are a nation of entrepreneurs.”

And her advice to everyone, “Embrace 2021 with community, compassion and enthusiasm and even Covid-19 will not stop South Africa from rising.”