Pupils taught about feminine hygiene

The girls also received a motivational talk from the women of Blue Falcon. Here Zahraa Isaacs chats to some of them.

Grade 6 and Grade 7 girls at Belthorn Primary School each received a care pack to assist them during their menstrual cycle, thanks to a partnership between an NPO working at the school and a local business.

The 54 care packs was packaged each in a colourful toiletry bag, which looks like a pencil case, and each has sanitary towels, a facecloth, handwash, and deodorant in it.

Nadia Jacobs, who runs Anchor SA, an NPO which offers counselling and runs a feeding scheme, has been working at the school for two years now, and she identified the need for sanitary towels.

She approached her friend, Roxana Teladia, who is from an all-women owned security company, Blue Falcon to assist.

Ms Jacobs said she has found that a lot of girls are still not educated when it comes to menstruation.

“A simple thing such as hygiene, which we take for granted, some of our young girls are not really clued up on. So part of what I do is to create awareness and educate the girls about treating our bodies with dignity and respect.”

Principal Elzaan Wyngaard was grateful for the donation.

“I hope our girls will remember this – that they matter – because someone who does not know me did this beautiful thing for me,” Ms Wyngaard said.