Ramaphosa plugs ANC renewal in Rylands

President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the audience at the ANC’s election campaign in Rylands.

The ANC has made “many mistakes”, but the municipal elections offer a chance to fix those wrongs, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on the election trail in Rylands last week.

“Sometimes we have to go through a really bad process to get stronger,” Mr Ramaphosa told supporters at the Ghousia Manzil hall, last Thursday.

“We are on a path of regaining our image, reconnecting with the community and ridding the organisation of all corruption. We are decisive in dealing with deviant behaviours. Yes, we have made mistakes – we have made many – but with great humility and courage, we are asking our people to reinvest your trust and confidence in us.”

The ANC’s election campaign had started later, as there had been no money for it, he said, adding that the “people on the ground” had dug in their own pockets to make the campaign happen.

Mr Ramaphosa met some of the ANC ward candidates, whom, he said, were elected by the community, and not the party.

A party that had been riddled factionalism and infighting was now on the path to renewal, he said.

The party’s Ward 46 candidate, Majid Mowzer, said the ward had a rich history of servant leadership and it was in that spirit that he had made himself available.

“Yes, there are many challenges within, but we are proud of the changes you (Mr Ramaphosa) are leading to restore the ANC to its former glory,” Mr Mowzer said.

Farida Omar, the widow of former cabinet minister Dullah Omar, was among those who welcomed Mr Ramaphosa to the area.

The Western Cape ANC elections head and member of the provincial legislature, Cameron Dugmore, said there was a new energy within the ANC because of the leadership shown by Mr Ramaphosa and the National Executive Committee to build unity, and that they had adopted an inclusive process to select candidates by consulting with the community.

Mr Ramaphosa said all the party’s candidates had pledged to end corruption.

“We are not going to steal, get jobs or contracts for friends or family, and we will embrace our diversity,” he said.