Refurbished library to help matriculants

The new study room at Heideveld library.

Heideveld matriculants now have a quiet and comfortable place to study, after the library was revamped and a new study room was built.

The study room which is furnished with desks and chairs, a television, a DVD player, and study guides, was launched about two weeks ago and accommodates up to 12 children at a time, said senior librarian, Mark Hendricks, who has been working at the library since it opened in 1986.

The library also has eight Smart Cape computers which allow pupils to do some research if they need to or have any questions about their study guides.

“They now have a quiet place to study with study guides to help them and computers. They don’t always have this kind of environment at home so this helps,” Mr Hendricks said.

He said previously pupils had had to use the hall to study in but that was not always possible if there were other events taking place in the hall.

He said that the key resources required for a successful study session were a comfortable quiet environment with enough study material and access to research. One of his wishes is to have more space in the library so that the adults and children can be completely separated.

“We need more space for more resources and materials, perhaps an upper level for the adults. At the moment it is very small,” he said.

Ward 44 councillor Anthony Moses, welcomed the revamp as pupils often couldn’t focus on studying in the library due to distractions or noise.

“This will give them a comfortable, quiet, and safe place to study,” he said.

In response to questions about the possibility of expanding the library, Mr Moses said while that was currently under discussion, he was not able to provide further details or time lines.