Resident tackles dumping hands on

This piece of land, on the corner of Lower York and Lansdowne roads, is being used for illegal dumping.

A Lansdowne resident is frustrated with illegal dumping near her home, and has appealed to residents to stop littering.

Sharon Isaacs said over the past two weeks, there have been no fewer than eight incidents of illegal dumping, on a vacant piece of land near her home.

“Building rubble, household refuse, discarded plastic bins and furniture, are among the items being dumped outside my entrance. It is a health hazard as maggots, flies, rodents and cockroaches are attracted to the areas being used as a dump site,” Ms Isaacs said.

She said she reported the matter to the City of Cape Town, whose staff came out to clean the area on a few occasions.

“Since they have cleared the rubbish, more people came to dump rubbish here. I have since cleaned up the mess myself. I try to keep my community clean,” Ms Isaacs added.

Ward 60 councillor, Mark Kleinschmidt, said illegal dumping was an ongoing challenge across Cape Town.

“The City spends millions of rands on cleaning up solid

“It is blatantly irresponsible that although the City installs ‘No Dumping’ signs that these are ignored, regardless of a penalty fine imposed when caught.

“Vehicles have been impounded when illegal dumping has been investigated and guilty parties have been caught.

“We encourage residents to report and give descriptions of perpetrators as evidence in a court of law, to curtail the scourge of illegal dumping. The City’s emergency number 021 480 7700 may be called to report illegal dumping,” Mr Kleinschmidt said.