Residents become certified homeowners

Pauline Mavis Bell receives her title deed.

One hundred residents from Bonteheuwel, Valhalla Park, Bishop Lavis, Belhar, and Ravensmead have received title deeds to their homes.

Mayor Dan Plato presented the residents with the title deeds during a ceremony at the Bonteheuwel civic centre on Monday November 16.

The residents were excited to finally become owners of the City’s rental stock homes they had been renting for many years.

“I am pleased to be joining these handovers and assist in bringing residents comfort, certainty and ownership of their homes, making them fully-fledged and legitimate homeowners,” Mr Plato said.

Some 6 000 title deeds are due to be handed over to residents before Christmas.

Mr Plato said beneficiaries whose title deeds were ready for collection would be notified by the City.

The City had handed over 500 title deeds since the start of the year and the number would have been higher had it not been for the Covid-19 lockdown, he said.

“Empowering residents who were previously denied access to property ownership is one of the City’s key priority areas to bring about redress. The handing over of title deeds allows homeowners to live in dignity in a home they can call theirs.

“It is an investment that will grow in value and that will become an asset for them and their loved ones. There is no greater pride than taking care of a house that you can call your own and turning it into a home,” he said.

The title deed is the homeowner’s proof of ownership. It provides the beneficiary with an address and recognises the owner and their family as residents of Cape Town and a part of the municipality.

It also allows for the ownership of the property to be passed on to family members. The beneficiaries take responsibility as homeowners and have to pay property rates and service charges.

Bonteheuwel resident Susan Sweatz said she was grateful to finally own a home and provide security for her family and future generations.

“There were a number of reasons I was not able to purchase a home before, so I am so so grateful and excited to receive my title deed today because it means the house I’ve lived in for so many years is now my own. It is for my children and their children,” she said.