The former classmates at the reunion.

The Standard 5 (Grade 7) class of the former Bridgetown East Primary School hosted a reunion after 45 years. The group gathered at one of their former classmate’s home, and plan to have more gatherings to especially reach those who missed this reunion. Shirley Schoeman said it was a day of great excitement and rejoicing. “There were tears of joy, memories shared, friendship bonds renewed and lots of fun and laughter. Everyone had their own life story to tell and as we separated 45 years ago as children, we reunited as parents and grandparents. It was indeed a memorable occasion reminiscing about our class teachers and our school life with much humour. A special thanks to our classmate, Lavona Gillion, for making this reunion possible,” Ms Schoeman said. If you are part of the class of 1974, and would like to attend the next gathering, contact Lavona Gillion at 076 860 2345 or Shirley Schoeman at 083 700 3494.