Robbers on the run

Robbers took six bags of money containing an unknown amount, during a cash-in-transit van robbery on Monday March 6, outside the Hello Store in Murton Road, Rylands.

According to Sergeant Zita Norman, Athlone police spokesperson, the complainant was on duty and was doing money pick-ups from different shops. When he got to Hello Store, he went to pick up six bags containing cash with an unknown amount sealed inside.

As he was walking to the security truck, three unknown men came running towards the man and pointed a firearm at him.

He was told to keep quiet and to hand over the bag of money.

The man then put his hands up in the air and one of the robbers hit the man with the firearm behind his neck.

The robbers grabbed the bag with the money and the man’s company firearm, a .38 special revolver, and his cellphone.

“They did not take the remote that opens the bag. One of the guys said let’s shoot this dog and the complainant then ran to the passage next to the Hello Store to go and hide. The complainant did not see the direction in which the guy were running,” said Sergeant Norman.

The firearm that was taken with serial number and six rounds in it belongs to G4S Security.