Sarah Fox hospital kitchen spruced up

CCMA registrar Shurainah Harris, senior commissioner Willem Connan, national director Cameron Morajane, senior commissioner Vusi Landu, Sister Manda Kanka, Sarah Fox, board representative Grant Abernethy, and Carlton Johnson from the CCMA Western Cape regional head office, at the hand-over of care bags and an upgraded kitchen..

Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital staff can now enjoy their meal breaks in a snazzy-looking kitchen, complete with a new fridge and microwave, thanks to a R21 200 makeover, paid for by staff from the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

CCMA national director, Cameron Morajane, did the official hand-over of the kitchen on Saturday October 29. Mr Morajane and his team also came with care bags, filled with toiletries, non-perishable toddler food, books and educational toys. They had been prepared by CCMA staff from across the country.

Some staff left a personal message on the care bags, which all bore the words: “Caring for our precious little ones.”

Sarah Fox is a 60-bed hospital for babies and children who need palliative care; those with special needs, such as cerebral palsy; those who are malnourished, abused, and have tuberculosis; and those who are HIV-positive.

Sarah Fox board representative, Grant Abernethy, said it was heart-warming that each CCMA employee had given the care bags a personal touch and brought them down personally on their flights to Cape Town.

“This proves that it is not just a donation, but that their hearts were in it. We are excited that their relationship with us will continue, as they plan to dig a garden for us.

“What will really be fantastic for us about this relationship, is that they will guide us on labour relations, as well as human resources policies and processes,” Mr Abernethy said.

Mr Morajane said staff chose a project to support in the city they visited for their annual national conferences, as part of the CCMA’s Nelson Mandela Legacy Project. So, when they had met in Cape Town last year, they had decided to raise the R21 200 for the kitchen upgrade at Sarah Fox.

Mr Morajane said: “This is what gives us pride. More organisations should be doing this for society – for people who really need it. We are proud to be part of this partnership. It really feels good. What the staff contributed is something more lasting, other than just to hand over money. They made voluntary contributions, because we wanted people to do this from their hearts, instead of being obligated. As an institution, this is what moves us.”