SASSA beneficiary ‘defrauded’

A Hazendal woman has been waiting four months for answers from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), regarding her temporary grant which she says was fraudulently withdrawn in Durban.

Georgina Daniels said she was approved for a temporary grant and was issued a Sassa card in September last year. The first payment she was due to receive was the total of four months’ grant money. However, when Ms Daniels tried to withdraw her money, there was nothing on the card.

She reported the matter to the Post Office, where she filled out an affidavit, and from there she laid a complaint at the Athlone Sassa office.

“I have a chronic illness and arthritis throughout my body, and for this reason, I was given a temporary disability grant. I am due for a follow-up assessment, to see if it will be extended, but I am still waiting on those four months worth of grant money. I have been up and down between the post master and the Sassa office, and nobody can give me answers. What concerns me is that a Sassa official told me when it comes to fraud cases, it usually takes up to three months to resolve, but I have been waiting for four months – nearly five months now,” Ms Daniels said.

A temporary grant is issued for six months, whereafter an assessment is conducted. Ms Daniels explained that she received her grant for the months of November and December, but not the first four months.

Ms Daniels said a Sassa official told her that her card had been cancelled and a new one issued, and that the system showed that her money had been withdrawn in Durban on three occasions.

She denied cancelling her card or giving anybody else permission to do so, or opening a PostBank account.

“I depend on that money. Whenever I enquire, I am told the fraud division is investigating it. The fact that I am in Cape Town and the money was withdrawn in Durban already shows fraudulent activity.”

The Athlone News forwarded the information provided by Ms Daniels to Sassa, including her affidavit.

Spokesperson for Sassa, Makhaya Manie, said the matter was being investigated, and would now be expedited.