School gets library at last


Boundary Primary School is very happy that it finally has its own library – 53 years after the school opened its doors.

With the support of the Waterfront Rotary Club, this Bonteheuwel school opened its library on Tuesday April 26, with pupils presenting poems, skits and sharing a good read.

The library is housed in a container on the school grounds.

Janet Kriseman from the Waterfront Rotary Club said they decided a few years ago that their area of focus would be to assist school libraries.

“We have taken 10 libraries under our wing – nine primary schools and one high school. We help to get them started, and the Rotary Foundation Global Grant assisted us. At some schools we help to improve the library, and some schools only had a few boxes of books,” Ms Kriseman said.

Shealagh Ryan, a retired librarian, secured a donation of books, which she sorted through to ensure the books the school received, were appropriate.

Ms Ryan also trained parent Shehaam Mosavel to classify the books and organise the library. Ms Mosavel is now the school librarian, who is assisted by community worker Faldiela Abrahams. Retired nurse, Cecilia Sanders, a Waterfront Rotary Club volunteer, also offers her services voluntarily to the library once a week.

Speaking about her role there, Ms Kriseman said: “I come here every couple of weeks to make sure the library is progressing and to identify any problems. I report back to Rotary. The next step is to get the school’s first financial grant to buy new books.

“We have to have commitment from the schools. If the school doesn’t commit, and does not follow the rules, then we pull out. At Boundary, they have already set up a timetable for the use of the library for the different classes. Like all the other libraries, the hope is that this library will run on its own.”

Boundary Primary School principal, Sharon Willis, said the school started the planning of its library in January.

“Our teachers did a workshop with a librarian, and we set up a timetable for the library. I am delighted that we now have our own library, and the next challenge is that we would like to have it in a solid brick structure,” Ms Willis said.