School holds fund-raiser to send pupils abroad

Manenberg High School is raising money to help four of its pupils get to America for an exchange programme next year.

The school has had a partnership with Artesia High School in California since 2008.

The Manenberg Artesia Aids Project (MAAP) was set up to raise awareness about HIV/Aids in America and South Africa, but it also gives pupils and teachers a chance to share cultural experiences, academic progress and extra mural activities.

Staff and pupils from Manenberg High School visited Artesia High in March 2014 and March 2016, and the American school reciprocated in 2015 and again earlier this month.

Manenberg High will hold a fund-raiser in October to make the trip next year possible for four more of its pupils.

During their stay, the pupils will visit museums, tourist attractions and different schools and colleges.

MAAP coordinator Sidney Williams said the school wanted to show pupils they could rise above their circumstances and travel to other countries and that Manenberg offered more than just crime and gangs.

He said MAAP met once a month via Skype to share ideas and discuss activities, and once a term Manenberg High pupils visited the St Josephs Home for Chronically Ill Children, in Montana.

“By doing this, we are teaching pupils to give back as well. The parents of the pupils are very supportive about this and remain positive. Most of them come from less fortunate families, so it is difficult for them to fund the trip. We try to raise funds to support the pupils and lessen the burden on the other parties because we don’t just want handouts,” said Mr Williams.

Each pupil going on the trip will need R15 000 for their airline ticket, R500 for their passport fees and
R1 700 for their visa.

The fund-raiser, which includes a three-course meal will be at the Country Manor in Schaapkraal on Friday October 6, at 6.30pm.

Tickets cost R170.

Call Sidney Williams at 084 604 5565 for details.