School launches new library

Pupils enjoy their new library.

Pupils of York Road Primary School will be delighted to see their new school library which was launched at the Lansdowne school last week.

The library was named after the deputy principal of the school, Roger Mason, who was the school’s first librarian and who has been at the school for 40 years.

The library was donated by the University of Cape Town’s medical school’s class of 1994 and other sponsors.

Principal Colin Isaacs, said reading is crucial to any child’s development.

He said that previously pupils would have to attain books from the Lansdowne library but now they could do it at school.

The library will also be open after school hours and on weekends to give pupils an opportunity to complete tasks, projects and do research.

“We want reading to become our pupils’ second nature.The library must serve as a landmark for the advancement of education at this school which has been built up to what it is from 1967 to what it is now. We are very proud of this school. We want to continue to build bridges with people who we can work with to better our school even more,” he said.

Dr Kerrin Begg, senior lecturer in health leadership and management, and programme co-ordinator at Stellenbosch University, said reading is the most powerful tool anyone can have. She said that youth must take it upon themselves to ensure that they receive the highest level of education possible so that they take up positions of future leaders.

“Without language one cannot talk to people and understand them, share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry or savour their songs. Education is the great engine of personal development. We hope that you read a lot and encourage your class members to read,” she said.

A group of pupils also read a story and poem on the day, reiterating the importance of reading.

Samuel Chaona, a Grade 7 pupil from Lansdowne, said he is sad to be leaving the school because he won’t get an opportunity to use the library but he hopes that others will enjoy it.

“I love reading because it calms me down. Yesterday I was so sad to be leaving the school but then I read a book and it calmed me down. I enjoy adventure books or anything exciting,” he said.

Grade 5 pupil, Gemma van Heerden, said the new library is amazing and that she loves all the books available to read. She said soon tablets will be installed which means that if the physical book is not available it might be on the reading app. She said previously she took out books from the Lansdowne library but now it’s much more convenient to get books from the school’s library.

“I can’t wait to actually use the library and I am so excited for the tablets to be installed. It’s just amazing, I love it, it might just be my favourite place at this school. I love reading fantasy books such as Harry Potter, I’ve read that entire series,” she said.