School receives stationery donation

From left is principal Mathanial Brache, Zainonessa Benjamin, Bianca Krukenberg and Jodene de Klerk from 10 X investments.

Sunnyside Primary School was delighted when they received a donation of stationery from 10 X investments last week.

The Athlone-based school received pencils, pens, paper, Prestic, plastic sleeves, scissors, rulers, and other items on Thursday September 15.

According to 10 X Investments’ Jodene de Klerk, the school was recommended as a worthy recipient by one of the company’s staff members, and so they decided to get involved.

The stationery donation, she said, would be distributed among pupils across all grades and also used to fulfil next year’s stationary requirements.

Sunnyside’s principal, Natha-niel Brache, said the donation is highly appreciated and will be put to good use because of the home situation of most of the pupils.

“Stationery is very expensive. For a Grade 4 pupil, for example, the list can amount to R600 or R700, so this donation will be put towards their stationery lists and the items will be deducted from the list, which makes it easier for their parents.

“Stationery is one of the key items at the school and a thing such as paper is always needed for activities. We can now spend more money elsewhere where it is needed,” said Mr Brache.

The schools seems to be having a run of luck.

They have been named the winner of last year’s Vodacom Millionaires competition and received two portable computer labs.

Mr Brache said he is excited to be starting computer lessons at the school next term with the new equipment the school has received. Among the items were an interactive whiteboard, notebooks, a projector, and a printer.

He added that the school still needs is a psychologist or counsellor to help the pupils who need therapy.

“Any psychologist or occupational therapist who would like to volunteer their services at the school would be much appreciated. It will help, especially with the bullying,” he added.