Self-funding model for NGO

An organisation called I Made a Decision (IMD), in partnership with one of its corporate partners, is launching a non-profit/non-governmental organisation (NPO/NGO) self-funding model, on Wednesday December 14.

This, according to Adinaan Allie from IMD, has come about after much discussion, negotiation and trial runs.

Mr Allie added: “The origin of the model is set in the work we currently do with our youth members, which entails, among others, teaching them financial independence through the use of the financial service sector.

“We realised that with a few tweaks and adjustments, the modified model can applied in a NGO space but offer these organisations a means to develop a component of self-funding.

“It is a well-known fact that the competition among NGOs for funding is stiff and for some, non-existent. The self-funding model will create a substantial funding mechanism for the organisation, as well as for the its office bearers or directors (salaries) and thus also directly reduce its operational costs. It is based on certain elements of the finance and insurance industry and is regulated by the South African Financial Services Board.”

Mr Allie said this will also offer NGOs the opportunity to expand their current support well beyond its regular funders.

“Ultimately our vision is to see NGOs work together and collaborate in the pursuit of their visions for the communities they serve. We will be hosting a series of launch events to which we want to invite all NGOs/NPOs, particularly those that are struggling, to form part of the first 150 beneficiaries that will make up the first phase.

“There are conditions attached, and a there will be a cost for the NGO/NPO to participate,” Mr Allie added.

Contact IMD at or check the website or call Mr Allie at 071 675 3216.