Seniors get vaccinated in Kewtown

Nadia Davids, 68, from Bridgetown got her Covid-19 vaccine at the New Apostolic Church in Kewtown.

Sixty over-60s got their first dose of the two-dose Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine last Thursday at the New Apostolic Church in Kewtown as the country prepares for a third wave of infections.

The shots, part of the Phase-2 roll-out of vaccines, were given to seniors who had registered online or at the Dr Abdurahman Community Hospital.

According to Monique Johnstone, a spokeswoman for the Western Cape Department of Health, the seniors would have received a card telling them to return for their second dose three weeks’ later.

“The response has been great from the community,” she said. “They are excited yet fearful, but once they’ve gone through the vaccination process, they are at ease. The community is also scared because of fake news they listen to. People come for different reasons but mostly they say they’ve had Covid and they don’t want to get it again.”

On a state visit to France last week, President Cyril Ramaphosa, told France24 that the country was preparing for a third wave of Covid-19 infections.

“We are watching it very closely, and if (the third wave) comes, we are ready. The issue of a lockdown is something that will only be looked at depending on the severity of the third Covid-19 wave. A lockdown would only be looked at depending on how badly the country is hit by an influx in new cases,” he said.

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde said that as of 1pm on Thursday May 20 the province had recorded 3163 active Covid-19 infections, with a total of 290 962 people having been infected to date and 276 065 recoveries. So far, 11 734 people had died, he said.

“Western Cape remains in a resurgence, but we can delay the onset of a third wave. The number of daily new Covid-19 cases has increased to, on average, 200 new diagnoses each day with a 25% week on week increase, which is slightly slower than last week,” he said.

Mogamad Amien Davids, 63, from Athlone, was excited to get his shot.

Mogamad Amien Davids, 63, from Athlone, said that getting the vaccine was vital. One of his friends had died after being diagnosed with Covid-19 and another one was very ill, he said.

“You can’t live without oxygen, and my friend currently is on oxygen at the hospital. His wife passed away from the virus. It it so important to get vaccinated,” he said.

Trevor Davids, 73, from Athlone, gets his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Trevor Davids, 73, from Athlone, said that Covid-19 was very dangerous and everyone should follow government regulations and get vaccinated.

“On Tuesday at the day hospital, this woman she said she won’t get the vaccine because she will turn into a zombie. People must stop making up these kinds of stories,” he said.

Sabina Pitts, 62, from Kewtown, said most of her relatives and friends had had Covid-19.

Sabina Pitts, 62, from Kewtown, also got vaccinated. She said that most of the people in her family and most of her friends had Covid-19.

“I have to protect myself, just like I go for the flu shot every year,” she said. “People are dying, and it’s so sad. Most of the people I know died of the Covid,” she said.

Nadia Davids, 68, from Bridgetown, said many of her relatives had died of Covid-19. She said was excited get vaccinated and have protection from the virus.

“I’m a church-going person, I mix with people, so I need to be be protected from this virus,” she said.