Seniors keep their hands and minds busy

A club that draws seniors together to knit, crochet and socialise held its first meeting at Lansdowne library last week.

About 25 women from Khayelitsha, Grassy Park and Lansdowne worked on the first of several blankets they plan to make for the Lansdowne police station’s trauma centre.

The idea behind the Spin a Yarn Club, according to Melanie Lippert from the Friends of the Lansdowne Library, is that the women will meet once a month at the library and have someone read to them while they work.

Ms Lippert said she had come up with the idea, while working on Mandela Day projects, as a way to get seniors out and about and give them something to do.

“This is an important skill to have which is missing in modern society. This is also an opportunity for them to socialise.”

Anyone visiting the library will see a basket of wool as well as the blanket being worked on and they can help to finish it.

Ms Lippert hopes the project will also attract the youth and spread to schools.

“Anyone is welcome to join in,” she said.

Esme Gradwell, 80, of Lansdowne, said the club kept her mind occupied and helped her relax and meet new people.

“We can listen to each others stories, and we don’t have to be alone at home. A lot of us realised that there are also people who feel lonely at home and also want some company, and we must just make the effort to connect with others because this loneliness and emptiness is not necessary.

“There are many people who will make the effort to make sure that our last days are eventful and exciting. As you knit and crochet, the day goes by so fast, and before you know it the day is over,” she said.

“When you look down at what you have made you feel proud of your handiwork, that you can contribute to something at your age. It is important to get involved with community work while you still have the health and strength to do so and that’s why I enjoy walking too as it keeps me healthy and gives me strength,” she said.

Dawn Abrahams, 64,of Lansdowne, learnt how to knit in primary school and still enjoys making beanies and scarves for her grandchildren, who she often takes to the library.

“I feel very excited to be among all these people. This is a good initiative that many people should be a part of.”

Call Ruth Ely at 083 730 9829 for more information about the club.