Seniors pampered

There were lots of laughs and fun shared among both the Oakhaven residents and the senior forum members.

Members of the Heideveld/Manenberg Seniors’ Forum honoured their peers at the Oakhaven Old Age Home, by spoiling them with a manicure, pedicure, as well as haircuts for the men, on Wednesday October 19.

Chairperson of the forum, Sharon Lang, said 40 seniors, who belong to the eight clubs affiliated to the forum, were part of this initiative.

The Heideveld/Manenberg Seniors’ Forum is affiliated to the greater Athlone Seniors’ Forum, which is part of the Metro South district’s forum, and this falls under the banner of the Western Cape Older Persons Forum.

“Oakhaven is the only seniors home we have in the Heideveld/Manenberg area, and our members felt they wanted to give back to those who need it more than them. This is especially so when it comes to those housed at senior facilities. At the clubs and the forum, we have lots of activities, and our members are often being treated, whereas the seniors at facilities are rarely spoiled. Our members felt they not only wanted to receive, but also treat their peers. This was done in honour of the month of the elderly,” Ms Lang said.

The Oakhaven seniors were each also given a pair of socks and a luxury bag.

“The Heideveld Ministers’ Fraternal gave the Oakhaven seniors ‘love boxes’ which contained toiletry items, and we did not want to duplicate that. This is why we decided to rather prepare a bag filled with treats for each of the residents, as well as giving each of them a pair of socks,” Ms Lang added.

Susan Alexander, 82, the chairperson of Oakhaven’s residents’ committee, said she and her fellow residents are grateful for this initiative.

“Initiatives like this, really uplift us. Some of our residents don’t get visitors – not even from their families. Many of us can also not afford to buy ourselves toiletries from the little pocket money we receive. That is why we are grateful to the ministers’ fraternal as well. All of this is a great help and it makes us feel special too. Many years ago, when my mother was a senior citizen, she did not get opportunities like this, because at the time, older people were just written off. I thank God for people like those who are part of the forum and the fraternal,” Ms Alexander said.