Seniors spoiled


A Bonteheuwel woman’s appeal to do something uplifting for the seniors of that area was a resounding success as the older folk were treated to a three-course meal, entertainment and gifts.

Sandra Jantjies said she could not have done it on her own, however, and was overwhelmed at all the positive responses she had received to make it all possible.

On Thursday April 14, the seniors received royal treatment at the Bonteheuwel multi-purpose centre – something Ms Jantjies was inspired to do, because of her church.

“There is so much violence at the moment, and I wanted to do something to uplift the spirit of our seniors. I shared my idea on the Official Bonteheuwel page on Facebook, and the response from the community was phenomenal.

“I don’t have money to do this on my own. I have so many people I have to thank. Among them are Paula Faria, from an organisation called the Society Sisters.

“They went out of their way to provide the gifts and the starter. Ms Faria actually helped to co-ordinate the event from her hospital bed. She is my guardian angel.

“Then I must also thank Melissa and Gary Phelps from Icon Properties; Dr Moegamat Phaldie de Villiers and his wife, Mariam; Faizudien Sayed from the Cape of Good Hope Snack Foods, who donated all the vegetables; Rushine February and also my husband, for sharing me with the community,” she said.

Popular radio presenter Pat Lee, from Radio CCFM, played master of ceremonies for the occasion.

Planning of the event started two months ago, and Ms Jantjies invited 10 seniors from her street, and asked community leaders who live in streets that start with A, B, C and D (it is referred to as A-block, etcetera), to invite 10 seniors each from their respective blocks, “as they know the need in their area”.

Florina Davids said the occasion meant a lot to her.

“I appreciate this. It is so seldom that people care about each other these days. Sometimes our own children don’t always have the time to treat us. I thank God for the organisers – that he gave them the wisdom to show love,” Ms Davids said.

Betty Nero said the fellowship gave her a chance to get to know people from her area better.

“We don’t often get to meet one another on a social level as a community, especially since so many negative things are happening, and people are sometimes scared to leave their homes. Another reason we don’t get out much is because of our ailments as seniors.

“I have to use a walking stick because of my arthritis. I’m very grateful for this day.”