Setting the record straight

Dennis Mclaurie, Athlone District Advice office chairman; management committee and staff

With reference to “Advice Office turns 25” (Athlone News, September 20), we wish to bring to your attention that all statements and information made in the article are false, and we, as the management committee, distance ourselves from any statements made by Brian Pretorius, who resigned from the organisation on Friday August 11 and therefore has no authority to act on behalf of the ADAO management committee. Since he did not consult with the project director or chairman about the interview conducted by your reporter he acted with no authority and neither did your reporter confirm these baseless facts with our management committee, the project director or chairman.

Prior to his resignation, Mr Pretorius was inactive with the organisation and he has no knowledge of the activities of what happens in the management committee and in the office. We need to rectify the following:

We can only see up to eight clients a day.

We don’t acknowledge or intend to carry out any repairs to our office.

The anniversary celebrations were meant to be a celebration and not a fund-raiser.

At no time was it ever discussed that the money raised at the eat and treat was to be used for repairs to the office or as a stipend for the woman at the office.

The office times as stated in the report are incorrect. The office is open Monday and Tuesday, from 10am to 7pm; Wednesday from 10am to 5pm; Thursday from 10am to 7pm; and Friday from 9am to 1pm. We have acknowledged the contribution that Brian Pretorius has made over the years, but unfortunately we as the organisation will take the necessary action to clear up the situation.

Please note that the contact number provided in the article is incorrect and not that of the advice office and also the advice office is situated in Petunia Street, Silvertown and not Bridgetown as stated in your article.

For information, contact chairperson, Dennis McLaurie, on 078 268 3421.

Athlone News regrets the errors and apologises for any inconvenienced caused.