Shadley brings back Motown music

Shadley Schroeders show, called Reborn, will be held at the Joseph Stone Auditorium on Saturday November 12.

In a bid to keep “old school songs” alive, Crawford resident Shadley Schroeder has put together a show called Reborn, which will premiere at the Joseph Stone Auditorium on Saturday November 12.

Mr Schroeder, who is being supported by a strong group of artists, said the title of the show was his way of bringing back the 1980s Motown music genre.

“A lot of youngsters forgot about these songs. I remember listening to songs from the Manhattans, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Peaches and Herb, Jonathan Butler, and Ricardo Groenewald, among others. I grew up listening to these songs while my mother cooked food on a Sunday morning, with the smell of the nice spices coming from the kitchen. Other memories these kinds of songs trigger, is when our family made their way to the beach, with home-made grilled chicken and yellow rice… The lyrics of these songs have meanings to a lot of us. This is what inspired me to put together a show like Reborn,” Mr Schroeder said.

Among the artists that will support him, are Kashiefa Blaauw, Sumaya Hendricks, Luqmaan Vardien, Georgie, Yazeed and Ruth. Reborn will also have a live band.

This is the 24-year-old’s second production. His first one, called Just a Simple Cape Flats Boy, enjoyed a successful run in 2014.

Mr Schroeder has a full-time job, but says his heart lies in the entertainment industry.

He is no stranger when it comes to performing. Since a little boy, he has been involved with variety shows, Malay choirs and minstrel carnivals.

He also featured in the movie, Four Corners, and David Kramer’s Blood Brothers.

And although there are many challenges when it comes to putting a show together, Mr Schroeder said he takes it as learning curves to prepare for better shows.

He is already planning another show for next year, he announced proudly.

For tickets to Reborn, on Saturday November 12, at 8pm, at R100 each, call 021 697 1086 or 062 373 0257.