Shaney Jay, YoungstaCPT drop new album

Shane Jacobs, 24, from Bridgetown, is a music producer.

A 24-year-old music producer from Bridgetown, Shane Jacobs, has collaborated with award-winning rapper YoungstaCPT on a new album, Dreams Don’t Pay Bills.

The 16 tracks on the album are about working hard to realise your dreams.

Shane, AKA “Shaney Jay” and “The Plug”, calls the album his “best body of work”.

Shane comes from a family of music lovers and started producing music at the age of 17.

YoungstaCPT, left, is featured on the album titled Dreams Don’t Pay Bills produced by Shane Jacobs from Bridgetown.

In 2018, Shane won the Russian Bear I Am Next producer competition, and, earlier this year, he produced various singles, including Kaasy and Yabo, featuring YoungstaCPT and other artists.

Shaney Jay recently featured on DJ Switch’s second album, Reset, and produced one of the singles, Delela.

Shane says music is important because it has the power to change your mood – it can either get you hyped or calm you down. “One thing I always say is that music is a feeling,” he says.

Support for local upcoming artists in South Africa is much better than what it was but it can still improve, he says.

“I think the support for local music is bigger right now than it used to be because our artists are getting international recognition and international collaborations as well. But I do feel like it can still be a lot bigger though and that’s because of the lack of resources that we still have.”

Shane’s advice to upcoming artists is that you can really achieve anything you put your mind to.

“If you have a vision for yourself and goals, stick to that.”

Check out more of Shaney Jay’s work on his Spotify playlist, “Produced by Shaney Jay” as well as on Instagram, @shaney_jay, and Twitter, @shaney_jay.