Show to pave way for tomorrow’s leaders

The cast and band members of Satin to Sequins are ready to jump-start your festive season.

If you want to get into the festive spirit and support a good cause, then head over to the Joseph Stone Auditorium on Wednesday December 14, where proceeds of a production hosted there will support a bursary fund.

The musical, Satin to Sequins, tells the story of a minstrel troupe. It promises to be highly entertaining and educate those who might not know much about the minstrels.

Proceeds from the production will go towards a bursary fund for 20 boys. The primary and high school boys are part of a soccer academy that was launched in Nyanga a few weeks ago by non-profit organisation (NPO) MSB Nitros Events.

Founder Tauriq Hassen explains that the academy is about much more than just soccer, as it also offers life skills training.

“MSB Nitros Events offers assistance to underprivileged communities. We also offer a platform for businesses to feed their money in the right direction, especially those who are not sure what cause to support as part of their social responsibility.

“We hope to raise enough money to pay the boys’ school fees and to buy them school shoes and uniforms. It’s a mountain of a task, but we are keen to make this happen,” Mr Hassen said.

The idea of using Satin to Sequins as a fund-raiser, came about after Mr Hassen shared his vision with his long-time friend, Riyaad Peters.

Mr Peters is the director of Satin to Sequins and a partner in the production company, Oddball Concepts, which was started three years ago, by Faghri Abrahams, his wife, Aeysha Anthony Abrahams, and Mr Peters. Satin to Sequins is a product of Oddball Concepts.

Two years ago, the company, hosted its first run of Satin to Sequins, with five sold-out shows. With their following production, Cape Town to Mowtown, they toured South Africa, and even took it to the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK).

Said Mr Abrahams: “We are newbies in the market, but we learnt a lot with the tour of Cape Town to Mowtown, and now we know how to do things much better.

“With Satin to Sequins, we are telling our own story, and that is important to us – it’s not how others want us to tell our story.

“Our relationship with MSB Nitros is absolutely amazing, as we wanted to do charity work, and they were just the perfect fit for us to get on board. We’ve done charity shows before, and that is what we are all about. All of us who are part of the production play in rival troupes in Cape Town, but when we come together for the show, we are all part of the family. We are building a nice family, and we hope those who are going to come out and watch it will feel part of the family,” Mr Abrahams said.

The cast members include Austin Rose; Christian Bennet, who also acts in Noem My Skollie; Munier “Monox” Adams, who coaches a lot of minstrel teams; and Tashrique de Villiers, who is making his debut.

The band includes Mansoor Joseph, musical director Faizel Davids, Lieghaaj Moses, Muneeb Hermans, Yazeed Williams, Kurt Bowers, Mahmoed Daniels, Junaid Isaacs, Shameer Isaacs, Uzair Ismail, Yusrih Doutie and Tauheer Voterson.

Tickets are R150 for reserved seats, and R130 for unreserved.

For tickets, contact Tauriq at 083 383 8309 or email