Sincere condolences

Cheslyn Frances, 18, died on Thursday January 26. It is suspected that he died of a brain haemorrhage, but an autopsy is yet to confirm this.

Saadiq Albertym, teacher at The Leadership College, Manenberg

On behalf of the directors, principal, staff and matric class of 2016, The Leadership College would like to extend our most sincere condolences to the family of our fellow leader, 2016 deputy head boy and brother, Cheslyn Frances, who passed away suddenly on Thursday January 26.

He was an example to all the youth in displaying impeccable behaviour, humility and a high level of God-consciousness. He will forever be remembered.

His best friend, Abdurraghmaan Ariefdien, wrote the following in honour of Cheslyn: “He was a true friend indeed. No matter who you were, he treated you with respect and humility.

He was lent to me for five years, and it was an honour and privilege for me to be his best friend. He crept into my heart and will forever be remembered. He once told me, ‘Jongman, U gaan my vriend bly’. He always greeted me in the morning at school and hugged me. He was lent to us for such a short period of time but has indeed crept into our hearts and will forever be remembered”.