Singer debuts as a soloist

Aziza Davids, from Manenberg, is gearing up for her solo career and will be performing at the Nomad Bistro and Bar, 33 Waterkant Street, Cape Town, on Wednesday December 12.

Fans of Aziza Davids will be happy to learn that she will be releasing her first single, which will be followed shortly by her debut album, very soon.

Although she could not give a timeline as to when it will happen, she will be celebrating her “coming out as a solo artist” with a performance on Wednesday December 12 at the Nomad Bistro and Bar, at 8pm.

The powerful singer from Manenberg was introduced to the music world as a 9-year-old when she performed as part of her school choir at Downeville Primary.

However, it was only after her first solo performance, when she was in Grade 7, that she realised this is what she wanted to do with her life.

Being the humanitarian she is, she decided to share her skill with the younger generation, and has been teaching children visual arts, poetry writing and reading, as well as vocal training. She is the project manager for the Rosa Choir’s junior group. The choir forms part of the Cape Cultural Collective.

Ms Davids’ singing career has also given her opportunities to perform beyond South African borders. In 2011, she performed in the Netherlands and in 2015, she did tribute shows in Spain for six months. Nothing beats home, however.

Her singing is so versatile, that it is difficult to box it into a particular genre. “I sing anything and everything. However, jazz and rock are among my favourite kinds of music to perform,” she said.

Chairperson of the Cape Cultural Collective, Mansoor Jaffer, said Ms Davids made a “major contribution” to the Rosa Choir.

“She is not only a powerful lead singer, but she has also ensured the consistent participation of a group of teenagers over the years. She has kept the group of teenagers together, harnessing their energy and talent, and developing their overall skills.

When the Junior Rosa Choir was formed in 2015, she recruited about half of the members.

Since she became the junior choir’s project manager, the group is showing steady growth. They are starting to perform more regularly and participating in a range of social projects, such as the recent camp in Llandudno.

The children played games, put on a talent contest and took part in a human rights workshop run by Molo Songololo. In addition to all of this, Ms Davids does poetry and performs as a solo artist where her star is beginning to shine brighter.

“We are honoured to have Aziza as part of the Cape Cultural Collective team and look forward to be part of her ongoing and amazing journey,” Mr Jaffer said.

Tickets to her show, on Wednesday December 12, at the Nomad Bistro and Bar, 33 Waterkant Street, Cape Town, are R50 each. For tickets, contact Ms Davids at 063 166 3344.