Skips causing a mess, say residents

Residents in Rylands say these skips on an open space in Hazel Road have given people the false impression that they can dump there.

Rylands residents say the presence of skips on a field is giving people the false impression that it is okay to dump their rubble there.

The skips are being used to temporarily store sewerage, which is being pumped from blocked drains in Hazel Road.

Mateen Paleker described the situation as a “nightmare”, saying she has been a resident in the area for 40 years, and that they often used the open space for walks or children’s activities.

“It has become unbearable. I live right opposite the open space, and we have been plagued by rats. The smell is horrible also. Now with the skips, people think they can dump illegally there. They are renovating or cleaning their houses, and then they dump the rubble there. We suggest that the City of Cape Town install closed circuit television cameras there, fence it off and put up a ‘no dumping’ sign,” Ms Paleker said.

Another resident, Logan Valoo, said the area had become an eyesore.

“This is situated along the main road, but it is really an eyesore. People and stray dogs are scratching through the dirt, and people just dump their stuff there. I get the terrible smell when I stand at my gate. The people are taking advantage of the situation, because of the big containers on the field, where they load the muck they take from the drains. Our children are now forced to play in the road, because they cannot play on that dump. The situation is really bad,” Ms Valoo said.

A group of residents have now written a letter to the City of Cape Town to point out their frustration with the illegal dumping. In the letter, they claim they have logged multiple calls and received no feedback, or even reference numbers from the City.

Part of the letter reads: “The residents have requested a clean up of the park and for a ‘No Dumping’ sign to be erected. This park is evolving into a dump and is not fit for children’s activities or walks. We have lived and used the park in the community for the last 40 years and this is unacceptable that the same park we played on as kids, is currently not suitable for our kids. This is a common ground which all residents have the right to enjoy and now is a total dump.”

The City of Cape Town did not respond to the Athlone News’ enquiry by the time of going to print. Illegal dumping can be reported to the City by calling 0860 103 089.