Stationery, toiletries for school kids

Egshaan Ariefdien handed out snack packs to the children.

More than 200 Cape Flats children received stationery and toiletry packs from the South African National Zakah Fund, at Rylands civic centre and
Crystal High School, ahead
of the first day of school last week.

The children – whose parents get food parcels from the organisation – also had their nails and hair cut to get them ready for school.

Sanzaf regional manager Shafiek Barendse said: “This was really all about preparing them for school and making sure that have the necessary equipment they need for school and personally as well.”

Sanzaf runs the stationery drive annually. This year it worked with the Youth Impact and Sustainable Solutions (YISS) foundation, which helped with the children’s grooming.

Rehana Leeman, of Hanover Park, said her daughter appreciated what she had received and was happy with the way her hair had been done.

“I have four kids so every bit helps. My daughter was really grateful for everything and it took a lot of pressure off me because things are so expensive, and children need many things for school.

“I was stressed out about that so this really helped us.”

Hawa Fraser, of Athlone, was very grateful for the stationery her grandson got.

“It helped us a lot. I don’t have money to buy the stationery so now I am waiting for pension so that I can get the rest of his things. I must still buy five more books. It really is a help for all the grandparents who have to look after their grandkids.”