Stop dumping

Kenneth Brooks, chairman of the Richwood Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (RRRA)

Wehaveseenan increase in dumping in Richwood.

A total of 2.5 tons of material have been removed from our area from April 1 to date.

These dumped items include lounge suites, household items, garden refuse, litter, building material, rubble, rubbish bags, etc.

It is important to note that the funding for these dumping collections is taken directly from our rates and taxes.

Money which could have been earmarked for other more important projects, but now has to be used for cleaning and dumping removals.

Last week the Solid Waste department cleaned Woodlands Drive by the island and today more dumped materials have been removed.

Buitengracht Street has also been cleaned today, due to the residents dumping material in the street yesterday.

Residents have been seen on numerous occasions dumping on the island as well as in Buitengracht and Annandale streets.

Law Enforcement has been given their information.

Please remember folks our rates and taxes are being used to fund someone else’s rubbish.

This is where we are going to put a stop to dumping in our neighbourhood.

If you see it, you report it. How to do this:

1: See the perpetrator dumping

2: Take a photo of the illegal act

3: Report to Law Enforcement on 021 554 8005

4. Forward the details of the incident as well as the photographs to or message the details to one of the RRRA Exco members.

We appreciate your support and efforts.