Sub-council office burgled twice

The criminals riffled through documents.

The Bonteheuwel Sub-council office was broken into twice in one week and it has severely impacted on service delivery.

Ward 50 councillor Angus Mckenzie said the second break-in took place during the early hours of Tuesday February 6 with the previous break-in on Saturday February 3 (“Burglary at sub-council”, Athlone News, February 7). He said the burglars gained entry to the building through the same windows both times.

“The burglar bars for those windows are being repaired. They went through a lot of the documents which could include people’s personal information, and broke the access control magnets of all the doors in the building,” he said.

He said while he has no idea about who the suspects could be, he can only assume that it was the same burglars.

“Service delivery has now become an issue. This really does not make sense – twice in one week and targeting the office. We now can’t be of service to others as we have been closed for the last few days and don’t have access to computers and in effect they have just hurt themselves,” he said.

Mr Mckenzie added that the security issues are being assessed and addressed to make sure that there will not be a third break-in.

“All elements broken have been repaired,” he said.

Bishop Lavis police station commander, Brigadier Christopher Jones, said no arrests have been made.

“Fingerprints were found on the scene, we will check if it belongs to the staff or perpetrators,” he said.