Success despite system

David Kapp, Belthorne Estate

We don’t need no (doomprophet economists)

We don’t need no doomprophet economists a past colleague declares (I mangle his viewpoint and maybe hyphenate him a bit)

the bourgeois-minded (folks in the know) do the perennial navel-gaze and the like over our matriculation results

the usual refrain says he perpetual pontification and admonishment they instill a negative mindset rather than sending positive vibrations

(perhaps alarmed

by the massed hordes

at their security gates

darkening their doorsteps waiting in vain)

We don’t need no

doom-prophet economists

who clearly don’t see

the toiling hardship and sacrifice of parents out there

We don’t need no thought control

no dark sarcasm in the media.

Leave the kids alone

hey doom-prophet economists.

Leave us kids alone

(All in all you’re just bricks in the capitalist wall).

So matriculants, bask in the success of your long years of toil
despite the system

Colleague-past Rodney Zeeberg’s social media dedication brings forth this one, with a little help from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, in essence their Another Brick in the Wall.