Support for Bonteheuwel CBD upgrade

Ward 50 councillor, Angus McKenzie, met with residents on Saturday March 7 to discuss the upgrade of the Bonteheuwel central business district.

Bonteheuwel residents came out in their numbers to approve the upgrade of the area’s central business district (CBD) on Saturday March 7.

This is according to Ward 50 councillor, Angus McKenzie, speaking after his public consultation meeting with the community.

As part of the Mayoral Urban RegenerationProgramme (MURP), the City of Cape Town has allocated R4 million for phase 1 of the Bonteheuwel Town Centre upgrade in the 2019/20 financial year.

The City is working with the community on a plan to revitalise the Bonteheuwel town centre space. The objective of the upgrade is to improve the general condition, functionality, attractiveness and safety of the town centre.

Said Mr McKenzie: “I want to thank the residents for coming out in their numbers in support of development in the area. The upgrade will commence within the next few weeks with the full approval of the overwhelming majority of people of Bonteheuwel. This will bring lots of development, job opportunities and small business growth for the people of Bonteheuwel.

“If all goes well, the Bonteheuwel housing development will commence in October 2020. It is an amazing time for the people of Bonteheuwel. It is an amazing moment to be part of these developments. The development, the progress and rebuild of Bonteheuwel will be done by the people of Bonteheuwel. The area has developed in leaps and bounds and continues to be a huge success in the city as a shining light that real change is possible.”

Grant Twigg, the City’s mayoral committee member for urban management, said the MURP had evolved since its inception six years ago to include all areas across the City of Cape Town.

He added: “The Bonteheuwel town centre is an important component of the MURP, as it is viewed by residents as the heart of the suburb.

“The town centre has the potential to play an important role in the day-to-day needs of the community. In its current condition, it does little to encourage people to visit and spend time in its existing space and has very little to offer prospective investors.

“The upgrade together with accompanying initiatives are focused to ensure that the Bonteheuwel Town Centre is safe, clean and attractive (through beautification). Events and activations within this space will fulfil an important role within the City’s holistic and integrated plan to revitalise the town centre and inspire people to spend more time in it as well as encourage investment into the area.”

A City of Cape Town media release said work on the Bonteheuwel CBD upgrade included the revitalisation of hard landscaping and the upgrade of the forecourt of the library building, a link to the sub-council building as well as a multi-use play space that will be able to facilitate activities.

The intention is to bring about a fenced precinct that establishes a relationship between buildings and space, it stated.

“Unnecessary fencing which currently divides the buildings from one another will be removed while other portions will remain as is for functional purposes. Pedestrian gateways are proposed in locations to facilitate flow through the secured area. A vehicular gate is to be included.

“The double-storey, City-owned building in the precinct will undergo structural and stabilisation repairs which will be informed by the Structural Condition Assessment report that was undertaken in May 2019 by structural engineers,” Mr Twigg said.