Suspected copper thieves nabbed in Bonteheuwel

Copper cables recovered in Bonteheuwel.
Three men were arrested for allegedly stealing copper wire in Bonteheuwel on Wednesday June 12.

Law enforcement officers received an anonymous tip-off of an illegal activity taking place in Bramble Way along the railway line.

They followed up and found three men who were behaving suspiciously. 

The officers inspected the area and found overhead copper wires which were rolled up and ready to be removed.

They interrogated the trio and found more copper hidden in the immediate vicinity.

Law enforcement spokesman, Wayne Dyason, said: “All three suspects were arrested in terms of the Criminal Matters Amendment Act and detained at the Bishop Lavis police station. Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) technicians were called out to the site as the line was possibly out of service.”

A total of 800 metres of 33 kilo volt cable were recovered.

The damage to the infrastructure is estimated to be more than R270 000.