Tackling water issues in the classroom

* Be aware of your water footprint. Conduct a water audit at home, determine your monthly use from your municipal bill and set goals to become more water efficient. Monitor your use, respect water restrictions that are in place and keep track of your progress.

* Fix leaks at home and report public water leaks to your local municipality.

* Make your garden water-wise by planting indigenous drought-resistant plants which require minimal watering.

* Collect rainwater from gutters to use in your garden and invest in a rainwater tank.

* Install a grey-water system and recycle water at home.

* Do not pour toxic paint, solvents, chemicals, poisons or pesticides into storm-water, sewer drains or normal rubbish. Find out where your nearest hazardous waste site is and dispose of polluting substances responsibly.

* Identify and remove invasive alien vegetation from your garden and local wetland. Protect and keep your local freshwater ecosystems pollution-free. If you see someone polluting water, call the Blue Scorpions on 0800 200 200.

* Be water wise and purchase water-efficient fixtures and fittings as well as water-saving appliances. Use the economy cycle on your dishwasher and washing machine to save water and energy.