Take a stand

Storm Brophy, 16, Manenberg

Just over a month ago everyone was speaking about the rising (rate of) femicide.

Are we just going to allow this issue to fade into the back like all the other flaws in society? Why did we highlight this topic if we just forgot about it? I mean, it’s a reality, where women ask themselves “am I safe going out looking like this tonight?”, “is it safe for me to collect the post?”, “I need to get home it’s late” or even “am I safe in my own home?”.

This is ridiculous guys. We need to take a stand for this mediocre behaviour and we need to do it fast.How many more female lives do we need to lose for this to actually become a priority to approach? How many more children do we need to lose to wake up and see reality?

What was the point of this being highlighted a month ago? Was it for the flex? Was it to be seen as a good person? Was it to feel good about yourself just for a few days? What was the point of all the social media posts? The purple profiles? The same thing with Syria and Sudan. A person doesn’t hear a single thing about that anymore. Once again, what was the point?

If we don’t support our women and children, what are the future generations in for? If you think about it, every 26 seconds a woman gets raped. Every 26 seconds. That’s a scary statistic and it’s something that can be prevented. It can all start by you — the one reading this. Don’t let femicide just be a faded topic.

Don’t you want your mothers and sisters to be able to roam freely without having a worry if they’re going to be raped. Or even worse — killed.

We need to take a stand. Better now than never, because we’re speaking about “making the world a better place” but at this rate that would and could never be a reality. Change starts with you.