Teacher workshop gives pupil literacy a boost

Islamia Pre-Primary School teachers completed a literacy-development workshop with Reading and Writing Solutions.

Seventeen teachers from a Lansdowne pre-primary school graduated, last week, from a course that showed them how to improve their pupils’ reading and writing.

The Islamia Pre-Primary School teachers said the literacy-development training, run by Jeff Paulse, the founder of Reading and Writing Solutions, was enriching.

The Athlone organisation helps volunteers, teachers and parents support children who struggle with reading and writing.

“I was very well received and the whole experience was very rewarding,” Mr Paulse said of the five days he spent at the school.

Principal Naseema Osman said the teachers could use what they had learnt to help both their pupils and their own children.

“I forgot to affirm my son. It is something I know, but just needed a reminder of,” she said.

Her colleague, Tasneem Gabier, said the workshop had also helped with team building.

“We have new teachers at school, and because of Covid-19 restrictions, we were not able to really get to know each other. This week helped us to see who everybody truly is.”

Mr Paulse can be contacted at paulsejeff@gmail.com or 082 216 2460.