Teen caught flushing drugs

A 19-year-old from Manenberg man who thought he could flush drugs down the toilet to evade arrest was left disappointed when police opened the main sewerage line to remove the parcel.

Armed with a warrant, police, armed with a warrant, searched a house in Sugarloaf Street on Thursday June 28. As they entered the house, they saw the suspect flushing a clear plastic bag down the toilet.

In the bag recovered from the sewer were drugs worth R100000, including 17 half mandrax tablets, two whole mandrax tablets, 21 straws of unga and 30 units of tik.

Police have linked four men, who were arrested on Friday June 22 for the possession of stolen property, to several burglaries.

Police arrested the men after getting a tip-off about a suspicious car in Primrose Park. Officers patrolled the area and found the white VW Polo with four men in it. The Polo was a hired car and, according to police, the men had put a false number plate on it and tinted the windows without the company’s permission.

The car was loaded with electronic items, clothing and other valuable goods.

Police also retrieved personal information from a laptop found in the vehicle and contacted the owner who came to the police station and identified several items belonging to him, including the laptop.

The men were linked to burglaries in Primrose Park and another in Mowbray.

Themenweredetainedat Pollsmoor prison and were due to appear in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court on Friday June 29, spokesperson Captain Ian Bennett said.