Teenagers using talents wisely

The models practise for their upcoming fashion show.

A group of young people are hoping to use the talent of teenagers in the community to uplift underprivileged schools in the area.

Vortex, which started out in 2015 and is still in the process of being registered as a non-profit organisation, is based in Silvertown and provides a platform for teens to showcase their talents.

The group hosts fashion shows, with the proceeds going to underprivileged schools in the area.

Founding members Nabeelah McCullum, Jade Morkel, Tashrieqa Bowell, and Kashif Jacobs, are all ex-Belgravia High School pupils, with the idea to start the organisation, having taken root while they were still at school.

They say charity begins at home, and so Belgravia High was the first beneficiary of the project.

Jade said that the aim of Vortex was to showcase the talent of the youth in the area and that it gives the youth something to constructively occupy their time.

“It keeps them off the streets and away from drugs,” he said.

Currently about 40 youngsters, aged 16 and older, are involved in Vortex.

Nabeelah said the initiative created a safe space for the teens to discover their talent and enjoy themselves.

“Everyone loves being here. This is a safe space and close to home for most.”

And, she said: “There is no fee involved.” The members are currently hard at work, practising three days a week at the Silvertown community centre for their upcoming variety show.”

Kashif said they hope to make getting involved in the initiative more attractive than the allure of gangs, partying and drinking or drugging.

“Parents know where their kids are when they are here and know that they are safe, so they have peace of mind.

“This is an opportunity for them to show people what they are made of. They can be anything that they want to be,” said Kashif.

He said while donations were always welcomed to cover the costs of the day-to-day running of the organisation, the team hoped that people would come out to support the show. “We encourage parents to come out and see what we do,” Kashif added.

The show will take place on Friday October 6, at the Darul Islam High School in Greenhaven, at 7.30pm.

Tickets are R60 each pre-sold and R70 at the door. For details, contact Nabeelah McCullum on 073 706 7413 or Tashrieqa Bowell on 074 966 9694.