Thank you, watch member

Shahied Isaacs, Newfields

I have been trying to get hold of the Belgravia Neighbourhood Watch and if Athlone News can convey this message of thanks I’ll be grateful.

On Friday July 13, just after 7am, I took my mom to an ATM next to Aneesa’s Take-aways in Belgravia. As I went to my car for a moment, I saw my mom had fainted. A well-dressed, bald gentleman, probably in his 30s with his little daughter, rushed over to assist.

While everyone else just walked past, he helped me lift her into the car. He said to me it looks like my mom’s blood sugar levels had dropped and that I should give her a chocolate. I thanked him for helping me and he replied, “No problem, it’s my duty to help. All the best to your mom”, and he got into the Mowbray bus with his daughter.

When we got to the doctor, it proved he was right – mom’s sugar was low.

Later in the day, I drove past the area again and saw a female car guard and stopped to ask her who the man was who helped me that morning. After describing him, she immediately identified him as a member of Belgravia Neighbourhood Watch but didn’t know his name.

I would just like to thank him for assisting me. I could see he comes from a well-established organisation by the way he assisted me, very calmly.

God bless you, Belgravia Neighbourhood Watch. I wish our society could have more people like this man.