The rich will get richer…

Jasmine Uys, Alicedale

It’s unbelievable that R260 million was spent by the Zuma government on rich foreigners while South Africa is burning.

Every day poor people are waiting on street corners just for a job opportunity to be able to put bread on the table.

People scratch in dirt bins not only in the hope to get something of value to sell, but sometimes even because they’re hungry and looking for something to eat. Children go hungry to school.

While we have overcrowded hospitals and clinics, because there is no money to employ more health workers, we have a desperate need for more police officers … I can go on and on.

But R260 million was spent on the Guptas, while the court case of the man who was responsible for that is paid with taxpayers’ money.

So true what the Bible says,” the rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer”.