The River of Life

Clive Fortuin was the facilitator for the programme run by The River of Life organisation.

A Christian-based organisation, called The River of Life, hosted a programme and handed over gifts to 189 children who live in Pooke se Bos informal settlement on Sunday March 11. River of Life has been active in the area for 18 years, and hosts feeding schemes once a week. They also assist the youth with bursary applications, among others. Wilhelmina Fredericks explained that their organisation was a beneficiary of an initiative called Samaritan Purse, which was started by the late Billy Graham, where gift boxes for children are filled and distributed worldwide. The River of Life also had to do a 12-week programme with the children from Pooke se Bos in order to be a beneficiary. On Sunday, these gift boxes were handed out to the children from the age of two to 14. Ms Fredericks and her husband Peter, as well as couples Eslah and Richard Swartz, Samantha and Nigel Collins, and Patricia and David Hendricks, are the driving force behind the organisation.