The struggle continues

Ismail Osman, Athlone

The struggle continues

Some died, some survived in the struggle against the injustices of the apartheid regime

some believed we would triumph, yet to some it was but only a dream.

The incarcerations, the killing, the rapes and the murders went on for years

while the struggle continued amidst bloodshed and tears.

For fifty long years they plundered and raped this beautiful land,

stealing and grabbing all the best far afield and near at hand.

Those in power regarded themselves as the super race,

as all other colours were forced into second place.

Our humanity and dignity were torn to bits and trampled upon,

with patience and sacrifice the struggle went on and on.

After persevering the cruelty of unjust laws and inhuman decrees,

this evil regime was finally brought to its knees.

The disadvantaged, underprivileged and marginalised beamed with elation,

while some were rejoicing and dancing, all partook in a huge celebration.

Many political parties emerged, but we were bent on voting ANC

believing with conviction that at last, we shall all be free.

Patiently we waited for the coming of the inevitable hour,

to witness with joy, the too long oppressed come to power.

Promises to the poor that they would now share in the riches of the land,

alas, now after 24 years we get practically nothing for our rand.

Crime is on the increase and gangsterism is rife,

since the abolition of the death penalty, there’s no more respect for life.

The non-whites in the country are living in total disillusion,

as the nation finds itself in much chaos and confusion.

Day by day we witness the weeping, the wailing and the crying,

the bombing, the killing, the slaying and the dying.

Mr. president your words echoed from the platforms that all those who were slain

their efforts shall not go unnoticed nor would their struggle be in vain.

So please, Mr president, if you genuinely want to save the nation,

your very first priority is to seriously see to the country’s reparation.